Responding To Peers

Responding to peers. Please answer all three below. Follow everything listed. LAST IS A POST FROM THE TEACHER RESPOND TO THIS TOO.


1. Respond to peers by evaluating the philosophy, vision, and mission statements they created.  

2. Be sure to use the terms distinguished, proficient, or approaching and provide reasoning to support your evaluations.   

3. Each response should be at least 50 words in length.


My Philosophy

I believe that children in a childcare setting are the future of this world and each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, safe, healthy, caring, and nutrient environment. I believe all children in a childcare setting needs, an atmosphere of growth in their physical, social, cognitive and general knowledge, emotional, language and literacy skills. These skills are called school readiness skills. By approaching these skills it’s my desire as an administrator or director of a program to help the staff to provide a full distinguished program in meeting the need of all the children and family.

The reason why I chose the word distinguished is that of the recognition it offers that each child is different and learn differently in their way. Another reason why I chose the word distinguished is that I want my philosophy to be acknowledged for the safe, caring and nutrient environment that I will offer for the families in the program

My Vision

My vision is to meet the needs of the children and family in reaching their goals in education and to succeed in life.

My Mission

The mission is too proficient a caring child care program for the families and prepares children for a success in school and in life.


Evaluation for Asbury Day Care Center

The Asbury Day Care Center’s is established and distinguished day care with forty-five years of providing equal and encouraging opportunities for many children. This Day Care has proven to be proficient in obtaining and holding their accreditation with the National Association for the Education of Young Children. They state the importance and their ability to provide an enriching and supportive environment and how the center and their staff continue to succeed in providing a social and intellectual opportunity. They encourage family involvement and foster positive feelings and self-confidence. This Day Care has an overall positive experience to a process for children, and their families and parents can feel confident their child will feel safe and cared for at this facility.

Evaluation for Queen Emma Preschool

Queen Emma Preschool mission is geared towards encouraging children to strive for their best ability. They are geared towards the Hawaiian culture and want to provide love and success for that culture. They are also NAEYC certified and wanted to provide a safe and effective educational opportunity for the children. I would say this Preschool is approaching proficiency and could provide a more opportunistic description of all cultures and a few more statements regarding their experience as a Preschool.

Lilly Pad Day Care Center

Our Mission Statement

Lilly Pad Day Care is NAEYC – accredited and a non-profit Center. We strive to make our facility an equal and safe learning facility for children and their families to grow and succeed together. Our mission is to empower your child to help them develop and achieve in their learning experiences here.

Our Philosophy

Here at Lilly Pad Day Care, we believe every child is unique in the way they learn and develop. We will provide an equal opportunity for all children of any cultural background or learning disabilities. We believe children should have access to the knowledge, information, and support they need for an equal opportunity. We have multi linguistic teachers and specialized skilled educators for numerous educational needs. We will provide and ensure core values and work together to provide an overall experience for your child and their family.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on the prestige faculty and loving and understanding the support that we have here, to provide the best experience and opportunity for your child that your family values.


Answer the questions from the teacher

Good post!  I believe policy makers must also prioritize making resources available to the parents as well as the students.  I did some research and found an interesting article authored by the Center for Law and Social Policy in Washington, D.C.  The article researches the correlation between child care assistance and employment.  In the conclusion, the authors point out even though assistance produces beneficial outcomes, it still remains under-funded in a majority of states. 

1. How do you believe we can remedy this problem?  

I look forward to reading your thoughts. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

I also have a short article I'd like you to read about fighting the war on poverty with early childhood education.  There is one section in the article I found particularly interesting.  It's entitled "How early childhood education can help."  The benefits of early childhood education are long reaching and definitely improve society as a whole.  Also, are you familiar with one of my favorite authors,  Jonathan Kozol?  I am including his web page below.  I look forward to reading your thoughts on the article and the web page.  

1. What do you believe is the greatest benefit of early childhood education? 

2.  Why?  

I look forward to reading your reply! (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  (Jonathan Kozol's site) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.



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