Cross Cultural Management



Discuss and analyse the determinants of culture in the country chosen: Religion and Social. Apply the cultural theories to the chosen culture. Look at the Hofstede Dimensions and world values survey to find background info. Other theorectical perpectives, tropenaars, global project, etc. should be included. Please refer to The Globe Book of in-depth studies of 25 societies, if it is available to you in the library. 

Project resource: 

1. textbook

2. hofstede home page:, world values 

3. survey:

Many other comparable sources of background information: 

1. Country Statistical Organisations 

2. The Wall Street Journal 

3. BusinessWeek 

4. The Economist 


6. IMF

7. World Bank 

8. United Nations 

9. E-Library 

10. Google


Have already done part of it, need to continue with another 2500 to 3000 words. 

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