Technology Briefings Section Of The Information Systems Today Textbook

Technology Briefings section of the Information Systems Today textbook.

Review Question.  Answers each question with At least three complete, grammatically correct sentences.




Foundational Hardware Review Questions

  •                         TB-1. IS hardware is classified into what three major types? 
  •                         TB-2. Describe various methods for entering data into and interacting with a computer. 
  •                         TB-3. How do computers represent data internally? 
  •                         TB-4. Describe the role of a motherboard. 
  •                         TB-5. What determines the speed of a CPU? 
  •                         TB-6.  Compare and contrast the different types of secondary data storage. 
  •                         TB-7. What are output devices? Describe various methods for providing computer output. 

Foundational Software Review Questions

  •                         TB-8. Define the term software and list several software packages and their uses. 
  •                         TB-9. Describe at least four different tasks performed by an operating system. 
  •                         TB-10. Describe the similarities and differences between at least two major operating systems in use today. 
  •                         TB-11. Name and describe four functions of utility programs. 
  •                         TB-12. Name and describe the five important concepts of object-oriented programming. 
  •                         TB-13.  What is HTML, and why is it important? 
  •                         TB-14. Describe various options for adding dynamic content to a web page. 
  •                         TB-15. What is CASE, and how can it help in the development of information systems? 

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