Collaborative Group Learning

I wrote a paper on collaborative group learning. I had to choose a text (any text) to reflect what I learned in my courses. I chose the Van Lier and Walqui article- BAD choice! I did not receive a passing grade, because "the paper does not use the text [enough] to address a topic" also because the professor said I was missing a thesis, that it was not clear. She said I should revise using a different text, Gibbons chapter 2 AND 3, instead. I will attach the two chapters. I need to them as the main text to make a case that collaborative learning can enhance English language proficiency and back them up with the other articles I provide. I will attach the Graded Rubric professor returned 2me. I will attach an example paper, so you can get an idea of what it is suppose to look like. I will also attach the articles to use to back up points. I MUST use these articles but you can use others in ADDITION to them.

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