Employee Safety Collective Bargaining

Students should reflect on the Discussion Board from Module Three and their experiences with the negotiating process. Include the following details in your response:

A copy of the agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement section on employee safety (posted in the Discussion Board forum)
A one-page personal account of the negotiating process. This account needs to include:
A summary of the key challenges or points of friction.
An analysis of the strength of the other positions – were their positions weak and not supported well, or just the opposite?
A short review of interest-based bargaining and distributive bargaining methods and a summary of which one works best in this situation.
Reflect on the role of the instructor as a mediator or arbitrator. Was it helpful to have someone in this role or did it create additional challenges?
A conclusion about the outcome – did it favor one side or the other?
This short paper will be graded separately using the Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course. Feedback should be applied to the follow-on milestone.

Please following exactly the rubrics to produce best work. 

I have also attached the work of an old student just for Sample not for photocopy. Please ensure free plagiarism.

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