INSTRUCTIONS:  (1) In three-to-four pages, double-spaced, not including a title page, but this CAN include your reference page, and in your own words, provide a detailed answer to the following case study scenario.  (2) Make certain you use correct spelling and grammar.  

Unlike some of your other case studies, you will need to use external resources for this assignment. This research/external resources should aid you in gleaning additional information regarding the procedure, the ethical implications pertaining to this type procedure, as well as examples of cases in which this type procedure was pursued and carried out with different results. You are expected to explore these examples and provide some information regarding what you learned from these examples.

Chapter 12 Healthcare Ethics

Case Study Scenario  A friend from high school moving into your neighborhood, who is pregnant with her third child. She told you that eldest child was very ill and required a bone marrow transplant. There were no matching donors on the national list. She and her husband decided to have a baby that could be used to save her other child. She asked what you thought of her actions. Before making any statements that could hurt your friend, you decide to do some research on the topic.


(1) Explain and define in appropriate detail this type of procedure and what the procedure entails.

(2) Identify any ethical issues associated with this type of procedure.

(3) Provide an opinion on this procedure-would you do it, why or why not?

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