Conduct a marketing audit

The final assignment has very specific requirements that are outlined in the assignment section of the course in the Grant Request For Proposal Criteria (Grant RFP) and the Grant Request Quality Criteria. You should follow the guidelines and meet the quality criteria elements. When I look at the proposals I do not expect them to be perfect but I am looking for viable proposals that fill a gap and benefit the community. I am looking for statistics that justify the need for the project and some evidence based research that the proposal has some chance of being successful. I want you to demonstrate to me that you are able to research a problem specific to a community; to find data to demonstrate the need and to fill a gap by coordinating services with other agencies and filling a gap in the local environment that you choose. This should be accomplished within the budget parameters that are specified.

I'd already done the draft of logic model as well as the draft budget and budget narrative but they need to be edited. You will my work in the last 8 files.
Please feel free to change the topic or the whole paper if it's needed. you can use as many sources as you can. My professor is so strict, so try to put your effort on this paper

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