Observation of Teaching Practice

These teaching demonstrations will serve as the basis for your observation of teaching practice assignment. This assignment will be done in partners and involves each partner observing the three teaching demonstrations, filling out the observation chart for each, and comparing their observation notes with their partnerвЂTMs. Then, as a pair, you will write a three-page report of your observations (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins). Your report must include the following:
1. An introduction (max. ВЅ page) in which you set up the goal and structure of your paper.

2. A comparison (about 2 pages) of the three teaching demonstrations according to, at a minimum, the seven pedagogical themes contained in the observation chart at the end of this syllabus and presented in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Remember to ground your comparison in the teaching and learning literature, including your textbook, the three assigned articles, and at least three additional outside sources. 

3. A conclusion (about ВЅ page) in which you argue for the superiority of one of the three teaching demonstrations.

4. A reference section (outside of the page count) in which you list all sources cited in your paper.

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