MBA 653

In reference to the movie, “The Insider”, evaluate and FULLY discuss the Business Ethics of the companies discussed in the movie.


1. As it pertains to Johnson and Johnson with the Tylenol situation and as it pertains to CBS and the issues created by broadcasting or not broadcasting the tobacco story.

2. As it pertains to the movie “The Insider”, address the ethics of Brown and Williamson as it pertains to its various “stakeholders”; identify the stakeholders and discuss ethics impact on each.

3. Discuss and evaluate the actions taken by Brown and Williamson as it pertains specifically to Jeffrey Wigand.

4. Discuss the evolution of the whistle-blowing laws from 1978 to the present. Additional consideration should be given to protections offered to Federal employees

5. Would the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, have offered protections or remedies for Mr. Wigand? Why or why not. Who is the Act primarily designed to protect?

6. What is the current status of whistle-blower protections available to employees of private companies in Kentucky at this time?

The paper should be in an appropriate writing style, typed or legibly hand-written, and of sufficient length to fully address all suggested issues and others as you deem appropriate.

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