Social Media within Marriages

Social Media within Marriages

Should I get a Facebook? Maybe a Twitter? Maybe a Snapchat? Should I even get a social network started? Will this affect my marriage? Should I add my spouse as a friend/ follower? These are questions one may consider when seeking to start a social network page while married. Some may ask why do I even want a social page. Some people fill it is a need to have social networking with their relationship/ marriage. The couples that have social network pages or etc. may face challenges of infidelity/adultery, addictions and lack of communication/time with their spouse, however there are those that see this as a potential networking for future projects, businesses.

Let’s remember the bible speaks that one should hold your marriage as a priority. Also, let’s beware that the individual with a social networking page must safe guard their hearts and eyes away from temptation/drama. Make note having a social networking page is all about self-control. Therefore couples/ marriages that are having issues may want to avoid social media page(s) within their relationship temporary.

To begin, a relationship between a husband and wife is a precious bond that no man or network should break. When a couple/ marriage is already dealing with issues like trust or pass infidelity, this can cause more of a stain within the marriage as far as trust. One cannot focus on the attention needed of their spouse if easily distracted by a direct message, tag, or snap etc. Make note one can easily lose focus of their partner by this. By having social media, one may start with forty friends and by the end of the year can have thousands. Now on social sites there is more exposer to sex, which can be temptation toward men and women. The bible says, “Everyone who keeps on looking at a woman so as have a passion for her has already committed adultery with her in his heat”. (Matthew5:28) A couple may face the challenges/ risk of having personal information on the site. One may be thinking “oh, I am venting on my page”, however it is allowing people within your relationship/martial problems. Make note some studies believe this may play a factor of the increase of divorce within time.

Now, there are some relationships that can survivor social media and create pages for specific reasons. Some couples see this a way to connect/ network to the public eye. The society we live in today everyone has a social page. I know for a fact some couples have business pages and both parties have full access. Examples are catering, clothing, wedding coordinator, and etc. This will ensure that there is an open line of communication and the display complete trust.

Some couples may have induvial social pages, however they are friends with their spouse. Social media now is very informative regarding daily news, alerts, and politics. Some couples display their affection to their spouse by posting pictures, videos, and or a sweet message on their pages. I literally have my own page and my husband is my friend. We display no insecure ways or lack no attention toward each other. I feel even if there is some form of mistrust you or your spouse should support each other if any party want a social page. Most couples avoid drama by not allowing personal life details out of the home/ relationship.

Over all I hear so many people bring up this topic within gatherings with couples, married people, or even just dating. The factor of does social media affect one’s relationship/marriage. Some may face issues, but not all. Some are not tempted by the flesh, some do not entertain drama, and some are not vocal of personal issues. My point of view is it all depends on the induvial and the self-control they display or what they entertain. I feel with trust and clear communication of both parties having social networking sites will be just fine within a marriage/ relationship. Couples should focus on varies ways to strength their relationship and connect on a friend level.

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