Sociology Theorist And Sports.

Proposal #1

For my first proposal I want to discuss the case over professional sports in the United States and their salary for players in their respective sport, mainly the NFL, MLB, and the NBA. The reason I chose these three leagues is because these are 3 out of the 4 major sports here in the United States. My interest for choosing this case study is because as we all know athletes in these sports have million dollar contracts and now in present time some even have contracts worth hundred of millions of dollars, but Im curious as to why professional sports like basketball and baseball have guaranteed contract for their athletes as opposed to football players where they have the highest risk for injuries, but their contracts are not guaranteed money. I believe that this is somewhat absurd especially for a sport that involves so much contact. A football player that has spoken out on this topic is Super Bowl Champion CornerBack, Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks as he spoke out about this topic and he believes that NFL players should be allowed to go on strike so the players can get their guaranteed contracts like their counterparts in the NBA and MLB. The writer I will use from the course for this proposal is Richard H. Thaler and Paul Darby as he goes into detail of the unfair game when it comes to money and sports and this relates to this topic.

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