WBS & Budget

Project is attached that you are doing the WBS and budget for


Create a project schedule, and budget.

Use the following guidelines to complete your assignment:

Project scope: Refine project scope statements      from the scope statement in the charter from Week 1.
Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) from      the refined scope statement.
Project schedule: Using Microsoft®      Project and the WBS you developed above, create a schedule for your      project's lifecycle. Include specific tasks and milestones, with time and      resource estimates, to meet organizational objectives in 350 words.
Project budget: Using Microsoft®      Excel® and the project schedule, WBS, and scope statement,      create a time-phased budget containing cost estimates. Include direct and      indirect costs for labor, machinery, equipment, supplies, and other      elements applicable to the project.
Other requirements from Instructor 

Announcements – Setting Up MS Project


MS Project is a very powerful tool for managing projects. However, like any other complex tool it requires considerable set-up prior to entering task and watching MS Project work its magic. See . . . for MS project to monitor constraints on a project (over utilized resources) MS Project must first be set-up with resources it can use which includes but is not limited to, people, pay grades, vacations, holidays, budgets, outside suppliers, etc. This set-up can take many hours of research but pays off when using MS Project to drive PM decisions.

In this class, I focus on setting-up tasks, task dependencies in MS Project which is the beginning of building a project and understanding the concept of task dependencies and task linking. Therefore, I ask that you build your budget in Excel so that you are not complicating the objectives I want you to learn for this week. A project budget can be (and should be) set-up in MS Project but to get to that point would involve setting-up many other perimeters first, aging taking time from the MS Project learning objectives for this week.

So, bottom line you are setting up a project will no resource constraints (time, people, or budget dollars). I guess my point is that this class is designed to give you a flirting acquaintance with MS Project and not designed to turn all of you into MS Project Gurus. MS Project is only mastered through several weeks of certified training and practice.

Announcements – Project Budget (MS Excel) Heads-Up


Your course syllabus states the following requirement regarding your Week 2 project budget.

Using Microsoft Excel, create a time-phased project budget containing cost estimates. Include direct and indirect costs for labor, machinery, equipment, supplies, and other elements applicable to the project.

Unfortunately, none of our course readings for Week 1 or Week 2 covers this topic. With that in mind I am providing an example of time phased budgeting. Please make sure your Excel Spreadsheet budget attachment for Week 2 is in this format.


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