Composition II


Begin research for a paper about the Harlem Renaissance movement and some of its writers. One in particular must be included: Langston Hughes.

Here are the paper’s parameters:

   Τhe research paper’s question:

(1)What is a prominent theme you discovered while reading about the Harlem Renaissance and (2)how does that theme show up in some of the writings of Langston Hughes (you MUST use this writer's works) and one or two other Harlem Renaissance writers, like Zora Neale Hurston and Countee Cullen? # 2 is the dominant theme of the paper.

•  First, this means reading about the Harlem Renaissance and finding a theme, an idea that keeps popping up in your readings. That theme becomes the focus of your thesis statement.

•  Second, read several pieces of literature written by Langston Hughes and one or two other Harlem Renaissance writers and find those pieces that contain the same theme.

•  Your paper will contain a brief but descriptive history of the Harlem Renaissance period in your introduction paragraph and contain sufficient in-text citations. By the end of the introduction, you will state the theme you discovered from your readings as part of your thesis statement. 

•  The body paragraphs of the paper will take the pieces of literature by Langston Hughes and one or two other Harlem Renaissance writers and show how that theme you discovered shows up in those pieces of literature. Use lots of in-text citation.

•  The conclusion paragraphs will be a summary of your points and closing comments.

•  This paper should NOT contain biographies of the writers. This paper should NOT contain literature written by people influenced by the Harlem Renaissance.

•  The length of this paper is 4-6 pages. Use only 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Double space the entire paper – NO additional spacing anywhere in this paper.

•  Any paper that does not meet the minimum length will receive a failing grade (3 7/8 pages is NOT 4 pages!). The works cited page is NOT part of the page count. 

•  This paper must follow MLA guidelines. Use your textbook, pages 217-244; Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) at <> (you'll have to cut and paste that address or "google" OWL) .

•  I expect every paragraph to contain in-text citations, body paragraphs to contain at least two in-text citations. Do NOT use lengthy quotes, paraphrase instead but give an in-text citation to show where the ideas came from.

•  I expect every source you use (use a minimum of 8 sources for 4 page, 10 sources for 5 pages, and 12 sources for 6 pages) to be included in the works cited page (which is NOT included in your page count). Watch your email for more info on MLA and suggestions on how to write this paper. Total points possible will be 500.

 1. Write a list of sources (at least 10) you've found. Write them as annotated bibliography entries (MLA style).  Follow this link for an example: (copy & paste). Your summary/commentary should be at least 25 words in length. (Points possible for this activity: 100)

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