Business Studies

For this discussion activity, you will conduct your scavenger hunt by finding two examples of where the organization and management ensured employment and employee laws and workplace rules were clear and consistent for everyone in the organization, and then provide two examples where an organization failed in this area, along with the end result for the organization. Think about examples in your past when there was an employee who was always pushing the envelope and trying to get away with the little things, or even examples where managers or organizations broke the law outright.
In addition, I want you to consider what social media and technology are adding to this topic and the issues this creates for the workplace. Remember these examples can come from any organization. These examples can be from current events, historical instances, or classic examples, in video or print.
Conduct a web search seeking two examples of employment or employee laws that you believe were vital in changing or creating today’s workplace and then share two examples where rules and laws were either not enforced or were not enforced evenly and fairly throughout the organization.
Discuss what you found during your web search. 
Provide a description of your selected key functions and how these functions can and do affect all managers and organizations. 
In response to your colleagues:
Discuss any personal experiences you have had with employee laws and rules (both good and bad) and explain some of the different ways organizations are trying to stay within the rules to ensure they don’t violate the employee’s rights, including issues that social media brings to the workplace. 
Discuss any similarities or differences with your own perceptions.

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