Child care business plan

Child care business plan

2-3 Pages Narrative Essay

 APA Format 

No Plagiarism 

Develop a business plan for operating a child care facility. Select a state within which you would like to develop and operate a child care facility, locate and determine a local region within that state, and name the state and location. Locate and determine the guidelines and regulations that must be followed to operate a child care facility. Discuss the state and local region that selected. Include a brief mention of the state labor statistics and economic outlook for this field. Discuss a state's licensing and certification requirements. Explain a state's Department of Human Resources requirements as they apply to the operation of a child care center, e.g. hiring practices, teacher/student ratios, licensing, etc. Recall that our constraints are that your center will provide services to no infants, 12 toddlers, and 72 preschoolers.


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