Promote a Worksite Health Promotion Programs

Instructions This needs to be APA format Masters level 7 pages long completed by On page 144 of your textbook (Chenoweth, 2011), select one of the cases illustrated to determine how you will apply the strategies described concerning the promotion of a worksite health promotion program in the company. For this assignment, describe the following three components to promote your program: • Client research. How will you identify employees’ needs and interests? • Marketing. Create a marketing mix for your program. • Development and implementation. Describe how you will develop and implement your program. • • Week 7 – Assignment: Promote a Worksite Health Promotion Programs Assignment This This is about a health and wellness program being introduced into a company with sm okers and individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac issues as well as obesity. The company currently has vending machines to provide cigarettes and junk food when they are in need by the employee. The goal is to ultimately remove the cigarette and junk food and replace with positive activities and education to improve the health of the employee. You find employees interest with surveys, interviews, by asking what they do on their free time. References Chenoweth, D. (2011). Worksite Health Promotion (3rd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Read chapter 7 and page 144 which I have included page 144 • van Dongen, J., Proper, K., van Wier, M., van der Beek, A., Bongers, P., van Mechelen, W., & van Tulder, M. (2011). Systematic review on the … Link

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