Health Beliefs And Illness

In this Project assignment you will be reflecting on your health and  illness beliefs as important background information for your submission,  My Personal Self-Care Action Plan. 

Use the posts from this week's discussion forum as well as the  interview results to respond to the questions below. The paper should be  no more than 5 – 8 pages and APA Editorial Format must be used for  citations and references used. 

Please answer the following questions in your paper: 


  1. What are your personal health and illness beliefs?
  2. Where and from whom did you learn these beliefs? 
  3. How do your beliefs affect your health?
  4. How have you managed your own illnesses based on these beliefs? 
  5. Have you encountered any challenges in managing your own  health/illness due to your beliefs? If so, what were they and how do you  deal with them. 
  6. How do your beliefs compare with the approaches found in the readings for this week? 
  7. What were the similarities and differences between your beliefs and those people you interviewed? 
  8. Were you surprised by any of the findings, and if so, why. 
  9. Did the readings or the interviews change your perceptions about your own beliefs? 
  10. What have you learned about health and illness beliefs from this week's readings and activities?

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