Healthcare Economics

Overview: After reviewing the requirements in the final project document, explore the four focus are as identified by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. From these broad topics, identify a specific public health issue to use as the basis for your final project presentation. For example, if you are interested in mental health as a broad topic, you may narrow your focus and select health care for veterans as your specific topic. Using the template provided, begin to compile important information and resources that you can use to develop your presentation.



I. Identify and describe a specific public health issue. 

II. Describethemacro-andmicroeconomicforcesrelatedtoyourpublichealthissue. III.Determinekeypoliciesorregulationsthatcurrentlyapplytoyourpublichealthissue. IV.Identifytheperceivedbenefitsandconsequencesresultingfromthelegislationsupportingyourpublichealthissue. V.Identifytheeconomicimpactresultingfromthelegislationsupportingyourpublichealthissue. VI.Providelinksorcitationsforreferencesthatyouwillusetosupportyourideasregardingyourpublichealthissue.

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