Brand Image or brand strategy

Brand Image or brand strategy

Brand Image or brand strategy:

 The image that our brand is trying to accomplish is that of unity. With our technology people from all over the world can communicate with one another in real time.

   We will market to military, fortune 500 companies, and world travelers.

Product Name:

 MMI X-lator 2.0

Advertising Slogans or Tag lines:

 We speak when you can’t.

 A little birdie told me…

 For when you need to listen up.

  MMI Technologies- Unifying the world one conversation at a time.

Product Attributes

 This product is a light-weight blue tooth device that would work with your smart phone device. The user would download our free application through their app store. This app would allow the user to listen to a person, speaking in a foreign language, and have a real-time translation in their ear. The MMI X-lator 2.0 will be able to work independently of the smartphone. The app would be used for push updates. Next generation would allow for adaptive learning. This would allow the device to pick up on local dialects and even learn spoken languages where technology currently does not have translator options.

Product Benefits

 There are many benefits and uses for this product. The military can use this for with their troops on the front lines. This would negate the need for translators or risking not having a translator if one is unavailable. Multi-national companies that currently rely on translators to talk to business partners in other countries could use this technology and not worry if things are being lost in translation. Finally, those that enjoy traveling throughout the world would be able to communicate with the locals with simplicity.


Response 2:



We have finally reached the phase of the marketing plan/campaign where we will be coming up with a definitive product name and slogans for our new smart watch.  The way in which we will distinguish our product from our competitors will be by marketing this watch as a universal fit for both A ndroid and IOS operating systems.  This smart watch will be the first of its kind.  Some of the benefits of this product will be that since it is universal, it will appeal to people who want a smart watch but are afraid they may not have the same phone for years on end.  It can also be used by different family members who have different phones as well.  In addition, t his will help from a manufacturing stand point .    

Product Name –   


Advertising Slogan Or Tag Line –   

Uncommonly universal for the unique individual.  

V ersatility never looked so good.  

The first smart watch that can handle it all.  

Product Attributes –   

Some of the many unique product attributes for the Andrios will be its unique versatility amongst different operating systems.  Again, this watch will be the first of its kind in terms of dual platform usage. Some of the other attributes will be blue tooth connectivity to multiple devices, fast sync technology no matter which operating system you are using or switching over to.  The ability to connect to two different operating systems simultaneously and transfer files se a mlessly .  The Andrios will also have smart charging capability, this will allow it to charge wirelessly either from a docking pad or from a phone battery itself.   

Product Benefits –   

The biggest benefit the Andrios will be able to provide will be multiple operating system operations.  This is the biggest feature of this watch.  Again, this will help with manufacturing.  Instead of making two different watches, we can focus on one.  This will save money on multiple fronts , especially on the manufacturing and marketing budgets.  Customers will be able to feel confident with their new smart watch, if they decide to change operating systems which we see a lot more people doing nowadays, they will have a smart watch that is still useful.  Some of the other benef its and features we highlighted above will be the first of their kind for any smart watch currently on the market.  This will be a huge benefit for MM since we will be the first to market with this innovative technology.  

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