Discussions And Assignments 3

Discussions And Assignments 3

 Diverse Workforce and Rewards

In completing this activity, you will demonstrate the ability to apply theories to design rewards for a changing and diverse workforce.

Consider the usefulness of Porter and Lawler's expectancy theory in regard to rewards. Research the theory using the Excelsior College Virtual Library. The U.S. workforce has transformed from agricultural to industrial to knowledge workers. With this change, expectations have also changed. Add to this generational differences and diversity in the workplace. Rewards must be carefully designed to meet the expectations of this changing workforce.

Suppose you are going to design rewards in your organization. You may identify the expectations of the majority of workers, but you cannot please everyone. Keeping this in mind, respond to the following:

  • Using the expectation of flexibility, discuss how you would go about applying the theory to link performance and rewards.
  • How would you motivate the diverse workforce spanning two to three generations? Suggest two to three viable measures.

Be certain to integrate the readings and research from the online library to support your opinions. You must cite your sources in text and include multiple references in addition to the textbook for your initial response and your replies.


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