Final Exam Questions

1. Elaborate on the coca-cocaine commodity value chain and the illegal drug industry in Latin America. In doing so, discuss the parallels with the dynamics of legal international trade under the influence of increasing globalization and economic integration.  


2. Please discuss in your own words (no quotes) the Mexican Cartels and how they have defied U.S. Drug Policies. In doing so, discuss Operation Intercept, and Operation Condor.


3. Please discuss in detail the fight against violence and terror on the Southwest Border of the United States. In doing so, also list and discuss the three points keyed in on by Kingpins and corruption (2017).



4. Please define, describe, and discuss what is meant by “A Line in the sand.” Then, summarize the Majority Report by the United States House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management.” Your conclusion should provide some solution to the problem of southwest border security.


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