BUS 330 Principles Of Marketing Details Below

  • Discussion 1
  • Beatrice
  • I chose Under Armour as my company of choice.
  • I chose this company because of the support of the Golden State Warriors.
  • I also chose this company because it allowed one of the basketball players of whom they endorse, to place a biblical scripture on his shoe. I am a firm believer that God is before all things.
  • Using your textbook, define what constitutes a USP.
  • For me, a unique selling proposition, with this company would be how the product would improve my performance. as a personal trainer, I have to have shoes that are not only comfortable but also be able to correct how my feet plant on the ground when working out.
  • How would you describe your brand’s unique selling proposition?
  • It makes the average person feel empowered. As if you can do anything when you wear this product.
  • How is that USP reflected by your chosen tweet?
  • I agree with Steph Curry’s comment “we shoot to make it”. And we all should apply this quote in everyday settings we should do everything in life to make it.
  • Latoya
  • The brand I chose is H&M, the reason I chose this brand is they have a wide variety of clothes for everyone. They sell children clothes, men and women clothes, and have different styles for everyone. I think H&M is a all around company that stands for good quality clothes. These are the reason I chose this brand to write about.
  • https://twitter.com/hm/status/1159358632821186560
  • After reading my text book I would define USP as the company offering their product to the company and making it worth the customers wild in order for them to want to purchase the product. It should be something no other company is offering. Also motivates the consumer to want to purchase the product. I would describe my brands unique selling proposition as being honest with their customers. They have a slogan that says quality at the best price and H&M has proven that. The USP is reflected by my chosen tweet because the tweet states the clothes are comfortable and basic. This goes hand in hand with USP.
  • Discussion 2
  • Juanita
  • The product failure I chose to write about is somewhat familiar to most adults.  This product idea came from a very well know fast food chain which is worldwide, and this fast food chain is the one and only McDonald’s.  Years ago, McDonald was well known by its mascot name Ronald McDonald and all kids love this mascot, but Ronald McDonald soon faded out and disappeared.  This new burger came into existence and was introduce to society in 1996.The new burger was called the Arch Deluxe and it was a quarter pounder. This Arch Deluxe came with all the toppings and another topping call Dijon mustard and served on potato bread.  This burger was catered mostly to adults and McDonald spent right at $100 millions trying to advertise and this burger was not very pleasing to adults and the children was not please some even said it was disgusting.
     Problem definition, research design, data collection, data analysis, and report presentation are the five steps in market research process. Marketing campaign demographic trend geared toward the older market, fail the new Arch Deluxe. This should be considered a problem definition and research design try to figure whether to cater to all age’s verses to a certain age group. The selection of research design would be exploratory research, “it helps marketers determine the nature of a problem, define issues, and suggest hypotheses” (White, 2019, sec. 2.3). 
     This product lack marketing process.  The Arch Deluxe fail because it was hitting billboards and TV ads appearing that children was disgusted with burger going public in this instance put a bad down fall on the new burger and the price and caloric content was not excepted.
    Going back in time I would go about having a completely different marketing strategy of introducing a new item on menu and have the item geared toward all age groups and having the price affordable. Market research by samplings of the product run for several weeks and including nutritional facts before hitting TV ads, and billboards. Once the product is sample and through trail and error and improvements made and this will provide all likes verses dislikes before moving into spending a substantial amount of money on a product. This data would help in making a decision for the new product.
  • Mitchell
  •  I chose to write about the failure of Samsung’s 2016 release of the Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be one of the phones to compete with the iPhone 7,  but the phone had one major drawback, its battery. The first phone “exploded” in late august of 2016, then other customers started coming forward with the same cases. I remember in one instance, an individual had a phone that caught fire while on an airplane! In fact, on September 9th of 2016 the FAA placed a flight ban on the note 7. The fiasco came after Samsung invested 10 billion dollars was invested into marketing for the 2016 year, a large part of that was for the note 7 in competition with the iPhone 7. The marketing process of Samsung is proven, with 225 billion in sales in 2018 it’s safe to say that their marketing structure is well developed and well implemented. The first step of the marketing process is situation analysis. The situation analysis is the “whats happening ” stage. Stage two is the marketing strategy. This is basically the stage that the marketers target the specific audience that they believe would most readily purchase their products. The third step of the marketing process is the campaign development. The campaign is how the company will mix marketing into a plan to successfully get customers. Next, comes the fourth step which is the execution phase. This where they put their plans into effect. The sixth and last step in the marketing process is the measurement phase. In this phase marketers use research to interpret whether or not their marketing strategies and plans have come to fruition. So the failure was not in the marketing strategy like I said earlier but within the product itself. I’m going to go back in time and tell them to invest more money into a better battery that doesn’t cross the positive and negative lines. This will alleviate the chance for those batteries to explode, thus maybe making all that money Samsung spent on marketing worth it.  

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