International Studies Final Essay

1. It is not true that all realists pessimistically predict constant conflict, or that all liberals or constructivists optimistically predict cooperation. Much depends on the particular situation we analyze. If we apply our current theories to the North Korean nuclear threat, our theories can predict different things. On the one hand, one can find elements within each theoretical approach that leads us to expect constantly escalating tensions, making major conflict likely or even unavoidable. But other elements of these theories might predict that the countries involved can and should be able to avoid open conflict. Only one of these sets of predictions will prove to be accurate.

2. You must present the main arguments and counter-arguments from BOTH sides of the debate.

3. Should analysis, not mere description.

4. 1,500 words is the equivalent of a six-page.

5. Using Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins.

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