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HRM500 Discussions Wk 10 & 11

High Performance and the Choices Managers Make" Please respond to the following:

As a HR manager, provide an example of an organization you worked for or familiar with and explain how the organization maintained a high performance work system. Justify your response.

 From the scenario and the e-Activity, suggest two (2) actions you can take in order to contribute to high performance within your company. Provide support for your response.




· 1-    Use legal terminology.

· 2 –     Explain fundamental legal concepts categorizing substantive areas of law and the federal and state judicial systems.


1. What is a regional reporter?

2. What is the essential difference between a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

3. What are the necessary elements for an enforceable legal contract?

4. Give one example of a primary and a secondary source of law.

5. What is "vicarious liability"?

6. What type of appeals does the Texas Supreme Court hear?

7. What are the requirements to trigger federal jurisdiction for a civil matter?

8. Identify and describe two (2) separate types of jurisdiction.

9. In litigation, what is a motion for summary judgment?

10. From United States District Court in Houston, Texas where would a case proceed to next on appeal?

11. Texas in an employment "at-will" State.  What does that mean? 

12. Texas in "right-to-work" State.  What does that mean? 

13. With respect to business organizations, what is the difference between "sole proprietorship" and a "partnership"?

.14. Name or identify a specifice Texas Consumer Protection Statute.

15. In Bankruptcy, what is the effect of an "automatic stay"?

16.    In business litigation, what is the difference or distinction between "jurisdiction" and "venue"?

17. For a company that wishes to do business in a foreign country, identify one issue or consideration that is present that is not typically present when doing business domestically in this country.

18.    In what Federal District are the U.S. District courts situated in Houston located?

19.    In what instances does the U.S. Supreme Court have original jurisdiction to try cases as a trial court?

20.    What alternative dispute resolution mechanisms or techniques are available to resolve disputes other than by litigation?


Legacy Of The Progressive Era

Utilize the Topic 6 Readings to create a PowerPoint presentation of five to six slides on the Progressive Era. Be sure to cite and reference all sources.

Include slide notes in your presentation slides. Additionally, include a title, introduction and reference slide(s), which do not count toward five to six slide total.

Evaluate how each of the following topics was influenced by the Progressive Movement and the lasting impact each had on American Society (100-125 words each topic in the slide notes):

Regulation of Business
Greater Democracy
Rise of Professionalism
Use a minimum of three of the sources provided to support your assignment and be sure to cite the sources.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

While GCU style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using GCU documentation guidelines, which can be found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


HRM500 Discussions Wk 10 & 11

High Performance and the Choices Managers Make" Please respond to the following:


As a HR manager, provide an example of an organization you worked for or familiar with and explain how the organization maintained a high performance work system. Justify your response.


 From the scenario and the e-Activity, suggest two (2) actions you can take in order to contribute to high performance within your company. Provide support for your response.


Human Resource Management

APA formatted Synthesis paper, written with 1" margins, Times New Roman Font, size 12. Looking for 8 – 10 pages. Paper instructions included along with assessments taken that will be needed and used to create paper and action plans. 


Marketing 500 – Examination 3

Marketing 500 – Examination 3

Take Home Essay –

Please answer the question in a comprehensive way at the graduate level using applied examples to illustrate your key points. Please be sure to cite reference materials (text and lecture) where appropriate. Please submit in class and to the dropbox by the due date.


These questions are about the marketing distribution system. Please read the case study on “Sears: Why You Should Shop There” on page 415-416 and online at Beachboard. Please answer the following questions about the cases drawing on text and lecture materials.


1) Discuss the principles of retail marketing strategy as noted in text and lecture. In terms of these principles, illustrate how Sears became the premier retailer in the US.


2) Next, according to the same principles of retail marketing strategy, discuss how lost its positioning as the premier retailer in the US.


3) What marketing strategy has Sears adopted today to help turn things around? Has it worked? Why/Why Not?


4) Despite Sears’ experience, do you feel the function of retailers in the channel distribution system will 1) generally remain the same in the future or, 2) do you think it will (or is) evolving into something different (and into what), or 3) retailing will cease to exist as it is known today, and products will be distributed direct from manufacturers? Pick one and explain/discuss in context of the principles of retail marketing strategy?


Contract Closeout W5 IP

ACME Development Corporation (ADC), a developer of custom homes and apartment complexes, has decided to standardize its project management practices and processes across its national organization. The goal is to standardize with one single project-scheduling tool and to have the tool installed and be operational within 90 days. To this end, the company is forming a central project management office (PMO). Until now, project managers (there are 40 presently on staff distributed all over the United States) have been able to use whatever scheduling tool they liked, within their budget constraints. They have also been able to buy equipment and engage contractors at will. The PMO will be determining one scheduling tool that all PMs will be expected to use, exclusive of any other scheduling tools. The PMO will also develop and implement a standardized procurement process. Because the PMs are located across the United States, a Web-based solution seems likely to be the most successful tool.

As the project manager, you have been charged with implementing the procurement process, and you decide that your first project will be purchasing the scheduling tool for ACME Development Corporation.

PMI is one of the world’s largest not-for-profit membership associations for the project management profession. Our professional resources and research empower more than 700,000 members, credential holders, and volunteers in nearly every country in the world to enhance their careers, improve their organizations’ success and further mature the profession.

PMI’s worldwide advocacy for project management is reinforced by our globally recognized standards and certification program, extensive academic and market research programs, chapters and communities of practice, and professional development opportunities.

A sufficiently detailed statement of work (SOW) can assist with the negotiations during the bidding process as well as deal with potential conflicts during the execution of the contract. The SOW can be utilized to address risks such as not meeting requirements or non-performance of work. 

Address the following in 4 pages: 

Prepare a SOW with at least 8 sections.   
You may use all of the information that you have      compiled in the previous assignments to craft this final SOW. 

Review and reflect on the knowledge that you have gained from this course. Based on your review and reflection, write 1 page on the following: 

Evaluate your learning about contracting and      procurement. How has this learning changed your mindset about project      procurement? 
Assess the effectiveness of project procurement      processes and contracting strategy and how this strategy was used in the      case study (scheduling tool implementation project). 
Explain what legal and ethical considerations must be      considered in the case study project (scheduling tool implementation      project). 
How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?


Marketing Plan Outline and Timeline

Marketing Plan Outline and Timeline
Marketing Plan

You are expected to develop a marketing plan, according to the outline below, for a product or service of your choosing. The product or service must be identified by the end of Week 1. The product or service you select is used to develop the assignments for Weeks 2 through Week 6. References must be included for each section.

There are no defined standards for the length of the marketing plan; however, your plan must disclose complete marketing strategies and provide reliable and valid references and data supporting the strategies to convince the target audience. The plan must be written in plain language that would be easily understood by stakeholders.

Marketing Plan Outline

Your final marketing plan must consist of the following sections. Refer to the timeline for due dates for each section and subsection. Assignments may include modifications to these lists. Please use lists provided in assignments only.

· Executive Summary:

· Strategic Objectives

· Products or Services

· Resources Needed

· Projected Outcomes

· Situational Analysis:

· Vision, Mission, Strategic objectives, Values

· Internal Analysis

· Strengths/Weaknesses

· Capability/Capacity

· Competitor’s Strengths/Weaknesses

· Technological Competency

· Product or Service Analysis

· Market Segments

· Research

· Primary Research

· Secondary Research

· Consumer Analysis

· Customer Profile

· Continuous Consumer Monitoring & Research

· Environmental Scanning

· Identify Market, Economic, Technological, Regulatory, Legal, Social, and Ecological Forces

· Current Opportunities

· Potential Future Opportunities

· Current Threats

· Potential Future Threat

· Target Market(s):

· Demographics

· Psychographics

· Ethical Issues

· Legal Issues

· Social Issues

· Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion, and Price Strategies:

· Product Descriptions and Product/Service Mix Strategies

· Product/Service Determinants

· Creating a Brand Image

· Maintaining Brand Image

· Branding Concerns

· Distribution Strategies

· Channels, Mass, Selective, Exclusive

· Promotion/Integrated Marketing Communication

· Advertising Strategy/Objectives

· Push and Pull

· Media Strategy

· Advertising Execution

· Sales Promotion

· Direct Marketing

· Public Relations/Strategies

· Positioning

· Dynamic/Static Pricing Strategies

Marketing Plan Timeline

Week 1: Marketing Plan Topic

· Consider your company and product or service selection in Week 1. You may select an existing type of product or service or a new product or service but it must be global or multi-regional. Once you have selected your product or service, you must define the size and type of company that provides the product or service (available from annual reports). This need not be elaborate but must include total number of employees, production volume, distribution methods, and so forth. Company and product or service selection is a critical part of this project. You must ensure your proposed company can implement the marketing methods discussed in the text.

· Key to creating an effective marketing plan is the ability to analyze the environment in which the product or service will be offered. The Week 1 assignment allows you to begin to understand various reports and how they can be used in your marketing plan.

Week 2: Understanding Target Markets

· To develop effective relationship marketing, a company must first understand its targeted consumers’ buying influences and behaviors. In Week 2, create the Research section of your plan. In addition, create the first two parts of the Target Market section, which includes performing the demographics and psychographics analysis.

Week 3: Promotion and the product life cycle

· All products/services go through a life cycle of NPI (new product introduction), growth, maturity and decline. These various stages affect the marketing strategy and promotional efforts. In Week 3, you will incorporate a promotion strategy that addresses at least three areas of the product life cycle.

Week 4: Price and Channel Strategy

· How one goes to market and the influences of the channel (channel power, strength of channel, speed of channel, etc.) affects the pricing strategy of the product or service. In Week 4 your pricing and distribution strategy will be incorporated into the marketing plan.

Week 5: Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy

· Brand strategy and the communication of the brand is essential to understanding the various phases of a product or service (viz a viz the life cycle). Brand recognition is based in the marketing communication efforts of the firm. When you hear or see the word Coke, you immediately know it is Coca Cola. When you see five interlocking rings of different colors you know that is the symbol for the Olympics. In Week 5, you will develop a brand and communication strategy for your product.

Week 6: Executive Summary, Legal, Social and Ethical Issues, Final Plan

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Human Resource Management

 Respond  to each topic in no more than 3 paragraphs, to include scholarly sources. 


Topic #1

Look at Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation and justify why you would use all these levels even though your boss was interested only in the last one (results).

Note: explain why each level of evaluation is important, in detail, for each level.


Topic #2

In your assignments, you are asked to create an evaluation tool to assess your training plan. Surveys are the most common form of assessment, but there are other choices. Name one evaluation tool other than a survey and identify how it could be used in your training plan.  Explain why this tool would be an effective way to assess your training objectives.

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Information System Infrastructure

 Select a topic from the following list on which you would like to conduct an in-depth investigation: 

Information systems infrastructure: evolution and trends 

 Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations 

 Big data and its business impacts

 Managerial issues of a networked organization 

Emerging enterprise network applications

 Mobile computing and its business implications 


 Research paper basics: 

 8-10 pages in length

  APA formatted 

 Minimum six (6) sources – at least two (2) from peer reviewed journals 

 Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion 

 See rubric for more detailed grading criteria 

 Submitted through Turnitin – must be original work – similarity score of 30 or less to be graded 

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