· 1-    Use legal terminology.

· 2 –     Explain fundamental legal concepts categorizing substantive areas of law and the federal and state judicial systems.


1. What is a regional reporter?

2. What is the essential difference between a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

3. What are the necessary elements for an enforceable legal contract?

4. Give one example of a primary and a secondary source of law.

5. What is "vicarious liability"?

6. What type of appeals does the Texas Supreme Court hear?

7. What are the requirements to trigger federal jurisdiction for a civil matter?

8. Identify and describe two (2) separate types of jurisdiction.

9. In litigation, what is a motion for summary judgment?

10. From United States District Court in Houston, Texas where would a case proceed to next on appeal?

11. Texas in an employment "at-will" State.  What does that mean? 

12. Texas in "right-to-work" State.  What does that mean? 

13. With respect to business organizations, what is the difference between "sole proprietorship" and a "partnership"?

.14. Name or identify a specifice Texas Consumer Protection Statute.

15. In Bankruptcy, what is the effect of an "automatic stay"?

16.    In business litigation, what is the difference or distinction between "jurisdiction" and "venue"?

17. For a company that wishes to do business in a foreign country, identify one issue or consideration that is present that is not typically present when doing business domestically in this country.

18.    In what Federal District are the U.S. District courts situated in Houston located?

19.    In what instances does the U.S. Supreme Court have original jurisdiction to try cases as a trial court?

20.    What alternative dispute resolution mechanisms or techniques are available to resolve disputes other than by litigation?


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