Persecution Of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Essay 4, Research of your topic and reflection

Draw on your work this semester, including your observation essay, the primary source analysis, and the source analysis essay, to compose a paper that poses a focused research question built into to a topic statement advancing knowledge about your topic. Share what you have learned about the issue of migration. Use your evidence in a well-organized essay, complete with:

· strong, smoothly written paragraphs,

· transitions within and between paragraphs,

· in-text citations for ideas from your sources, and

· a well-sourced and correct bibliography (Works Cited) using  MLA style. 

Outcomes for ENG 111 Research Essay

· Integrate different ideas and arguments from various texts while making connections between texts and the expectations of your audience

· Focus the scope of your research question into a controlling idea, or thesis statement

· Comprehensively explore an issue (questioning different viewpoints about an issue and understanding the larger implications of these viewpoints)

· Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of issues in writing that incorporates nuance, qualification, etc.

·  Respond appropriately to different kinds of rhetorical situations and audiences in part by controlling diction, tone, level of formality and content

· Distinguish between a writer’s words and ideas and those of sources

· Describe the rhetorical arguments inherent in your thesis statement and in the experts you used to provide detailed examples of the issues in the essay

Reflection On Your Rhetorical Choices 

Conclude the essay with a reflection that takes the following items into consideration: What does your audience already believe about the topic you are writing on (you may need to take these beliefs into consideration as you try to persuade them of your perspective).What choices are you making with this audience in mind? How you establishing ethos, pathos, and logos in your approach to the writing? What further research or development of the thesis statement might grow from this research.

The assignment is worth 200 points.

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