Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

As  part of your Doctoral Seminar for this set of weeks, you are  participating in a seminar-style discussion about the weekly topics. You must address 5  of the required resources from the Walden Library and to incorporate  them into your posting. As a related exercise, submit an annotated  bibliography of the 5 resources you referred to this week. For each entry, be sure to include the full APA citation and address the following :


1. Scope

2. Purpose

3. Philosophical Approach

4. Underlying Assumptions

5. Research

6. Limitations

7. Opportunities for further inquiry

8. Validity of use




Sustainability and Community participation

1.       The Organizational View of Public Participation: A Narrative Analysis

2.       Community Participation and Sustainability Issue: An Evaluation of a Donor-Driven Water Sector in Ikaram Millennium Village Project, Nigeria

3.       Project Failure: The Way forward and Panacea for Development

4.       Sustainability factors affecting local infrastructure project: The case of water resource, water supply, and local market projects in Thai communities

5.       Sustainable development and project stakeholder management: what standards say


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