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ASSIGNMENT 1: CREATING THE DATABASE DESIGN In this assignment, you design your database tables using a word-processing program. Pay close attention to the logic and structure of the tables. Do not start developing your Access database in Assignment 2 before getting feedback from your instructor on Assignment 1. Keep in mind that you need to examine the requirements in Assignment 2 to design your fields and tables properly. It is good programming practice to look at the required outputs before beginning your design. When designing the database, observe the following guidelines: First, determine the tables you will need by listing the name of each table and the fields it should contain. Avoid data redundancy. Do not create a field if it can be created by a calculated field in a query. You will need a transaction table. Think about the business events that occur with each car rental. Avoid duplicating data. Document your tables using the table feature of your word processor. Your tables should resemble the format shown in Figure 4-1. You must mark the appropriate key field(s) by entering an asterisk (*) next to the field name. Keep in mind that some tables might need a compound primary key to uniquely identify a record within a table. Print the database design, if required.

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