Management Of Multiple Projects

Research Earned Value Management System best practices.  Design a process for monthly EVM analysis and reporting in Company X and convey the process through a flowchart presented on a single slide in a PowerPoint presentation.  Company X has 25 projects that are actively being managed at this time by 5 project managers.   Each project is associated with one of 6 executive sponsors.  Company X has hired a Project Analyst to assist with EVM metrics calculations and reporting for projects.  The Project Executive Steering Committee, which includes all executive sponsors, would like to review CPI and SPI values for all projects on a monthly basis.   In addition to the slide that shows the process flowchart you have designed, include an agenda slide, a summary slide, and other slides to explain the process.

Your proposed process should be presented in PowerPoint.  The PowerPoint file should be 6-10 slides in length, including a cover slide, an Agenda slide, a Summary slide, and a References slide.

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