Left Hand – Right Hand Chart

Download the Cashier Example. This is a completed form and it illustrates exactly how a Left Hand – Right Hand Chart is constructed based on a description of the work performed by a Cashier. This is a continuation of the same example that was first used in Module Assignment One.

You are to construct a Left Hand – Right Hand Chart for the preparation of the Food Item originally specified in Module Assignment One that is prepared by the Cook at the Fast Food Restaurant called Mexican BurgerMac, Inc.

Download the Left Hand – Right Hand Chart Form.

At the top of the form enter your name, and change the Company Name to “Mexican BurgerMac, Inc.” Also enter the other information indicated at the top of the form.

The left half of the form is for the activities performed by the Left Hand.

The right half of the form is for the activities performed by the Right Hand.

Instead of using the symbols such as circles and diamonds, use the corresponding capital letters O, I, T, and D as appropriate in the Symbol Columns on both sides of the form. Be sure to include a distance for all transportations. You can determine distance by looking at the Flow Diagram you constructed in Module Assignment Two.

If you have more activities than will fit on one page then you can continue to add activities using either one of the following methods:
1. Add rows to the bottom of the table using the “Table” tab at the top of the Microsoft WORD software page.
2. Copy the blank table from page one and paste the table onto a new page in the same document.

The following brief LH-RH Chart is only a short example:

Your Name:

Left Hand – Right Hand Chart
Company Name

Date of Study:

Left Hand Description LH Symbol LH Distance RH Distance RH Symbol Right Hand Description
Reach to Item T 12″ D Idle
Grasp Item O 8″ T Reach to LH

In the above chart use Capital Letters, such as T, to represent the symbols, such as Transportation. Do Not draw circles and arrows (etc.) on the Microsoft WORD LH-RH Chart.

Distances, in inches, are only shown for Transportations (movement of the hands). A distance must be shown for every Transportation.

Module Four consists of the analysis of the proposed method that you visualized for assembling the Food Item specified in Module Assignment One. Only the proposed method needs to be documented. You do not need to analyze the proposed method and determine a better method for performing the job.

You do not need to draw a sketch of the work area because you already submitted a Flow Diagram which is a detailed sketch of the work area.

You must follow the sequence of steps as shown in the instructor’s solution to Module Assignment Two.

When you have completed your Left Hand – Right Hand Chart then submit your WORD document for grading using the assignment folder tab on the Menu Bar on the top of the D2L Home Page for this course. The assignment folder will show the due date and time for the module to be submitted on time. If the assignment folder for a module assignment is closed then the module assignment will no longer be accepted or evaluated and you will receive a grade of zero on the assignment.

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