High School Realigon Class Reading Homework

You don’t need answer too much. I just need a short answer for each question.

1. What does it mean to claim that all Scripture is “Inspired by God”?

a. Your explanation should treat the issue of the reliability of every passage of Scripture.

b. It should also explain what “inspiration” has to do with the writer of a book of the Bible; how is he “inspired”? It should also explain what “inspiration” had to do with the authorities who decided that a particular book is divinely “inspired.”

2. The Book of Jonah is an example of an historical narrative. Explain your answer.

3. Using principles from the pages above in Part One of Chapter Five, explain clearly and to the best of your ability the ethical teaching in each of the following biblical passages:

a. 1 Samuel 15:3

b. Matthew 18:8-9

c. Matt 5:38-39

d. Galatians 3:27-28

e. 1 Corinthians 7:20-21

4. What could Protestants and Catholics learn from each other’s moral tradition as they try to develop a sound code of Christian ethics by which to live?

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