Environmental science

Select a current environmental science news story from a news source (internet and hard copy are both acceptable). 

Read the article and consider the facts and the impact.  Prepare a critique of not less than one page.  Write the critique in two sections with the required elements as follows:

Section One: 

· Summarize the article 

· Clearly identify what is the environmental issue involved 

· Include the 5 W's (who, what, where, when, why?) 

· Include the date the article was published and the source from which it came (note: a copy of the article must be submitted with the assignment) 

Section Two: 

· Discuss the impact of the environmental issue identified in Section One on the community and/or society 

· What are the possible outcomes? 

· Why should we be aware of the situation? 

· What are solutions or considerations for the future? 

· How did your opinion change because of reading this article?

· Do you recommend that others read this article?  Why?

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