Interim Presentation

This is very high technical presentations. The writer should know some of the information in order to make good presentations slides.


Only these parts. All information should be reference both in text and in the reference page. You can cheek example 1 and 2 in the uploaded pictures.  I have only the highlighted parts. My friend have the others. I will attached all the instructress in a different  word document. Please use a couple of the international standers such as ISO or SAE.

Try to use ISO because it is the best one and than Choose others. (( I uploaded the last of standards as well..)) 

Please try to make it as simple and clear as you can.


The number of slides is not important as long as it cover most of the things.

This a 20 min presentations we can use short video maybe about the manufacturing part or something.  I will only speak for 10 min and that is all highlighted is my part try to cover it briefly . 

Material of the component – compliance 7:06



5.2 Identify any differences and analyse how it could affect the performance of the component (for example, the actual steel has lower carbon content when compared with requirements from a standard – analyse the role of carbon for steel).


You comparing the standards and the actual material for the components of the fallen part.


5.3 Relate your ideas about desirable material properties from (3) to requirements from (4) and actual testing results (data from the lecturer). 8:29



Try to relate the standards of the properties and what would you express as desirable properties. Just to check if you were right or wrong.

Manufacturing, testing, maintenance and repair processes 8:49

6.1 Describe methods of manufacturing/testing for the failed component/mechanic unit and the process of its maintenance/repair.


Why we need to check ,Manufacturing, testing, maintenance and repair ?

Because very often those fallers they cause no by poor design but they caused by improper manufacturing process, maintenance and it takes operational errors and some inappropriate presagers of repair. So we need to check at this stage try to find in which way your components was manufactured. Which process of manufacturing is taking place. for example if I need to make engine block what would be the manufacturing process. steel by having melt metal and create some kind of complex shape. lets say by sand after that breaking the sand making the component. casting what would be the next prosses In the heat treatment I am going to check the mimetic structure and reduce internal stress. Next I will able some coating against corrosion. After each process I will have some testing to see if I am doing well or not.


6.2 Obtain and analyse requirements (from standards, specifications, manuals and codes) for manufacturing, testing, maintenance and repair processes for the component and a mechanical system it belongs to.

casting what would be the next process? machining. After casting I will need to make meet the surfaces to meet the required of shapes size and roughness. After the machining  for engine block do heat treatment. You need to find how is manufacturing? Do not start with from the beginning of the metal. If it is train wheel than tell me how they going to cast it. and How you going to forged  it. What is mean system process? You need to find what is the requirement of that components to be manufactured. Just example I got steering system in my car I got vigil arm. Arms that connect steering box to steering lunges. What is going to happen if the steering are is broken. starring is off.  So steering  arm the intrantional standers is to forged only. it can not be casting. You still can cast some part but after that you have to forged the big pin arm. you need to find some of those regulations. And it is not only the maufacturing. Testing maintenance and repair process. again where these regulations comes very often it comes from manufacturing themselves. So if manufacturer produces some compointe let's say training wheel. manufacturer will tell us how we should maintain it. What is the maintenance progress. What is the inspictions progress And what is the repair process. For your case study if you can find anything about the repair. look at what they did and what is the requirements.


6.3 Compare the information about the failed component and requirements from (6.2).


6.4 Identify any differences and analyse how it could affect the performance of the component as an element of a mechanical system.

Aging in each step you are not just saying I have a difference there is much higher carbon on that component than the standard want it. You have to tell use what could be the infect of having higher carbon. Or what is going to be the affect of having lower Titania constriction. In that compoint in comparison of what the standards wanted. remember it's all about analysis. Not that you can read your fail case.Show us the our ability of analyze what you have read and obtain information from other sources.


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