–         The nature of BI 597 is unique and not comparable to other courses. Once you take this course you enter in a countdown with your whole master process. YOU NEED TO HAVE A CLEAR IDEA ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR:

–         The course is for you to learn and complete the non-thesis track work. The present course consists in only the first part.

–         First part of the total work is done inside the Department of Biological Sciences.

–         Second part is done by Graduate Studies Office and you. In this second part the Department of Biological Science is not involved. The student must comply the Graduate Studies Office rules until the Graduate Studies Office is satisfy with their requirements.




First part:

The student must deliver by the midterm:

1-      Name of the advisor. The student must find a Thesis Advisory Committee Chair (TAC) (or Advisor). The TAC or Advisor is a faculty (with a Ph.D. degree) who is committed to closely work with the student. The advisor is a key personnel for the student to complete the non-thesis track work. The student must interacts closely with the advisor and follow the advisor’s directions without any discussion. Find at the end of this text the list of Faculties for you to find the suitable advisor. Arrange an appointment, attend the appointment, and discuss this very particular issue.

Be aware that Dr. *** is not your TAC. Dr. *** is a general advisor for the master program courses.


2-      An outline of the non-thesis track work. One page or two summarizing what the non-thesis thesis is all about. Essentially consists in the relevance of the topic (first one or two paragraph), problems to be solved, brief description about all achievement at the present, what is left to be done, what is the central focus of the present work. However, there is academic freedom that the advisor is entitled to and it will be acknowledged through the total semester. The topic must be 100% related to the Biological Sciences field.


3-      Most Important: The student is 100% responsible for the completion of the in their non-thesis thesis. Read and study the Thesis Manual (Find attached) Focus on “Non-thesis thesis” Page 15. I will send you a list of questions.


Second and Final Part

At the end of the semester, one week before the finals week you must deliver the complete Non-thesis track work (paper) ready to submit as final version to the jury. DETAILS OF THE NON-THESIS TRACK WORK (Second part) WILL BE POSTED IN THE LACKBOARD.




Failure to deliver the non-thesis thesis or failure to deliver the non-thesis thesis in appropriate conditions will result in an “I” Afterwards you will have a ~4months timeframe to deliver. However, the student must bring a valid justification for the instructor to proceed the change. Failure to deliver the complete non-thesis-thesis after such period of time the “I” will automatically converted in an “F”. Such grade will not be changed.

Questions/Extra explanations: Will be attended by email or personally.  Personally: arrange an appointment by email first

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