BUS710: Marketing In An International Environment

University of the Sunshine Coast Marketing plan for
an international project
Assignment No. 2 – 20%
Semester 2, 2017
Due: Weeks 10 & 11 (to be nominated)
Duration: 15 minutes
Submission: Hard copy and presentation in class.
BUS710 Assessment task 2: Marketing plan presentation
In this assessment task, you are given the opportunity to develop important presentation skills by delivering an international marketing plan to a supportive, yet critical audience including your colleagues and lecturer. The presentation should be for 15 minutes not including subsequent audience questions.
The choice of subject for the presentation will be made in International marketing plan of Coopers Brewery's (Australia) product 'Cooper pale Ale' in China.
Efficacy of Marketing Plan and suggested strategies:
-Provision of a comprehensive and well researched situational analysis, including competitor analysis
-Demonstrated sound and contextual research (which is referenced) to support strategy / arguments
-Understanding and contextual application of international marketing theory
-Marketing mix strategies appear appropriate to achieve desired result.
-Marketing plan implementations and control appear efficacious.
-Well justified link between organization, product and target market
Criteria to be avaliado (refer to the criteria sheet for explicit measures):
• Presentation professionalism and time management skills
• Quality of research to global situational identify contexts
• Efficacy of the plan marketing
• Justification of decisions
• Quality of recommendations
Note: Go through the criteria and template document

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