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Principle Review on the aerodynamic design of a Piper PA 28 Archer

Task: Principle Review on the aerodynamic design of a Piper PA 28 Archer
aerofoil data NACA 65-415 (PA 28 Archer/Warrior)
•    Pilot Operating Handbook e.g. , 
•    aerofoil data NACA 65-415 (PA 28 Archer/Warrior)
•    calculation specifics , 
•    www in general, 
•    textbooks listed and used for AVS 209 (Syllabus). 
Results to be documented in a page written report and basis of assessment!
Research paper 
Discuss in detail:
1.    Aerodynamic design parameters: 
A. Aerofoil,
B. wing geometry, 
C. wing-dihedral,
D. horizontal tail geometryvs. location (arm)
2.    Study the force couples Lift/Weight and Drag/Thrust and calculate representative values for
a.    Cruise flight at 1.000 ft and 10.000 ft MSL ISA
b.    Consider a max forward and a max aft CG position and calculate the
 required tail-plane force to ensure steady state flight
3.    Same as question in number 2 part a. for best rate of climb and best glide angle for one common CG position
Indicate any assumptions used if necessary to substitute for lack of data.

Century American literature


Century American literature

·         Academic level: University

·         Type: Essay (any type)

·         Subject: Literature

·         Topic: 19 century American literature

·         Style: MLA

·         Number of pages: 4 pages/double spaced (1100 words)

·         PowerPoint slides: 0

·         Additional: None

·         Number of source/references: 1

Order instructions:

Talk about 19 century American literature, point out their style and background. Choose several works to appreciate and analyze.

Safeguarding children and young people

Safeguarding children and young people

·         Academic level: College

·         Type: Essay (any type)

·         Subject: Education

·         Topic: safeguarding children and young people

·         Style: MLA

·         Number of pages: 2 pages/double spaced (550 words)

·         PowerPoint slides: 0

·         Additional: None

·         Number of source/references: 1

Order instructions:

Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported whilst ensuring that whistle blowers and those whose practice or behaviour is being questioned are protected.

Think of this question in a school setting
Please also talk about the whilst blowing policy and why it is put in place
also an example of a serious care review can be referred to at the end such as the case of Ayeeshia Smith about the findings as it relates to the question
Structure of Question /essay
No sources are required 


Gossip cafe

Gossip cafe
Type    Research paper
Level    University
Style    APA
Sources     3
Language    English(U.S.)
Description    it’s a marketing assignment i have to interview a person that have business in UAE 
i have choose gossip cafe in UAE. 
i have some resources that will help you: 
please use this sources and from the video the challenges and the aim. 
also i will provide the customer review.

Aerodynamic Forces And Energy

Give an example of how you experience each of Newton's three laws in your everyday life. Choose an example that is not as commonly known and write about it. 


Module 02 Business Plan Project – Industry Analysis

Now that you that have developed and outlined the background of your business in the second phase of the project, you are tasked with conducting an industry analysis.

Industries are broad categories such as financial, technology, services, or health care. Sectors are more specific categories within an industry such as a sporting goods store in the services industry or computer peripherals in the technology industry. In 1-2 pages, discuss economic trends as well as the current outlook for your industry and sector, including growth potential. What is happening currently in the industry that you've chosen? Are there any relevant statistics? What are some of the current trends in this particular industry? Are these trends positive/negative and why? Discuss the current outlook for the industry. What is the growth potential within this industry (hopefully there is growth potential because you are trying to start a business in this industry).Include at least 3 resources documented in APA format. Remember to back your ideas up with rationale and use clear, concise, complete sentences, transitions between paragraphs, standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation as expected in a professional business plan.

Business decision

In your own words:

1. Discuss the positive and negative challenges faced by business organization in selecting, implementing and utilizing an effective information and communication system.

2. Identify the pros and cons of equity financing and debt financing, which are two main ways companies raise capital.

You may include short quotations from the assigned reading or additional resources to support your response.  Please be succinct.

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Week 02 Written Assignment – Gestalt

The visual principle of  gestalt, pioneered by German Max Wertheimer, is one of great importance in  the design world. The statement, "The whole is different than the sum of its  parts," summarizes much of the gestalt theory. In this assignment we'll  explore this statement in detail.

Look closely at the image  and identify several of the individual elements within the image. Imagine the  removal of one of these elements. How would the meaning of the image change? Remove  a second. With two elements missing, how does the meaning change again?

In a brief 2-3 page analysis,  identify the image you chose. Describe the meaning of the image as a whole. Then describe the meaning of the image as the first  element is removed and again after the second is removed. What does  this exercise show you in terms of how imagery can be used in media? 

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Think of how your behavior can change due to conditioning effects

Think of how your behavior can change due to conditioning effects—how rewards and punishment have shaped your own behavior over the years. What role have rewards and punishment played in your life? For example, how did your parents encourage you to learn multiplication tables or drive a car? Even job incentives can be framed in terms of rewards and punishment to improve employee performance.

In preparation for this assignment, research behaviorism and some of the classic John Watson and B. F. Skinner studies. It is important to understand the basic principles of behaviorism and how behaviorism fits into psychology research today. Find a peer-reviewed research study that addresses the theory or treatment of phobias that was published within the last eight years.


Complete the following:

1. Conditioning treatment of phobias. Find a peer-reviewed research study published within the last eight years that addresses the theory or treatment of phobias. Summarize the methods used in the research and the conclusions made by the researchers. Describe the key aspects of the research that reflect behaviorist principles.

2. Conditioning related to personal behavior. Describe how conditioning explains changes in your own behavior that you have observed at work or at home. Provide three examples. (If your examples are from personal experience, your descriptions may be in first person.) Be sure to relate theory and research to your examples. For example, you might describe how behavioral theory would explain your learning process in that situation. Cite scholarly articles to support your conclusions.

3. Relevance of conditioning today. Analyze how behaviorism is still relevant today. What are the limits of behaviorism? Are there processes that it does not explain well? For example, behaviorists believed that babies and children learned language through rewards and punishments, but today we know that language learning is a much more complex process. The behaviorist approach was not sufficient to explain the totality of language learning.

Strive to be as concise as possible and limit the length of your completed assignment to 5–6 pages of content.

Additional Requirements

· Include a title page and a references page.

· Use at least three resources.

· Follow APA style and format.

· Use 12-point, Times New Roman type, double spaced.

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Case 21.1 Campar Industries, Inc.

Please complete the following from the textbook:

  • Case 21.1 Campar Industries, Inc.

This case is about variance analysis. The purpose of this case is to allow you to break down several different types of variance that might occur in a business. For each of the types of variance below, give a clear example using the numbers reported in the case. 

  • The margin variance caused by differences in price and volume
  • A combination of volume, product mix, and margin variance.
  • A materials mix variance
  • A breakdown of variance effects on an income statement

Please note that simply reporting the numbers is not an adequate solution; you have to explain how these different types of variance occur and affect the whole firm. In addition, 

You need to compare how the different divisions performed, using variances to explain the difference.

You need to clearly state how the firm performed as a whole

Please submit your completed assignment as a word document by clicking on the assignment link to access assignment dropbox. 

 Do not respond with a question and answer format; However, you can use the questions at the end of the case as a guide. Need to show calculations

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