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You need to choose a company that is currently listed on the ASX

Task You need to choose a company that is currently listed on the ASX. You are required to write a report interpreting the company’s annual report. This report will need to be written for a specific stakeholder of your choice. Possible stakeholders are listed below:  Potential investor·  Creditor·  Potential employee·  Local environmental group·  Union seeking a wage rise· You will also be required to source additional information about the company’s performance, for example, via credible articles that discuss the management of the company. Please note that where the annual report may have both group and parent company financial statements, you should use the group financial statements. It is important that you refer to financial analysis measures in your report. See “Workbook: The Tools we use” file which can be found in Supplementary Resources at the bottom of the subject resources page on the portal. This provides further elaboration and for examples of analysis measures that you can use. These can be selected from any analysis measures stated in the annual report and/or your own calculations based on financial statements in the annual report or those provided to you by your workshop leader. It is important to source financial information relevant to your stakeholder.


You may also refer to relevant non-financial measures which are outlined in Resource B below. It is expected that the language and structure of your report will reflect its formal nature and the preference of the stakeholder for whom it’s intended. Please use Resource A below as a guide. A modern formal report for business includes:  an introduction (in the form of an executive summary)·  a main·  body (with sub-headings as appropriate)·  a justified conclusion (with recommendations and limitations of the report)·  a reference list.· Take care to clearly communicate your ideas.

Resource A – Report content Introduction (in the form of an executive summary) The executive summary is usually no longer than 10% of the original document. It is written for people who may not have the time to read the entire report, and need an outline that presents the main findings and the conclusions. Identify the company and its main activities and the reporting period to which the report relates. Outline the purpose of your report, identifying the specific needs of the stakeholder you’ve selected, and include a brief summary of your findings, incorporating your recommendation. Accuracy in re-stating your report’s main points is essential as decisions and strategies may be made by your intended user even though they have not read the entire report. For planning purposes, an executive summary should be written after you’ve completed your report


Interpretation Interpreting the annual report for an external user involves explaining the relevant financial and non-financial information, which may be found in the current annual report and other media related to the Australian company. Your interpretation needs to cover profitability, cash management and liquidity, and any other measure(s) relevant to the specific needs of the stakeholder. You should also refer to:  financial and/or non-financial information contained in the annual report·  other relevant financial and/or non-financial information collected from other sources that relates to the· company and its economic activities. For example, if the report is for a potential employee, you could look for aspects of the business that have been closed down in the previous period or new openings. Provide information about the company’s business activities during the year and the financial implications of these. Identify business/economic causes for the trends in financial results. Provide evidence of the profitability of the company and discuss whether or not it seems to be well placed moving forward. Link these individual aspects together to give an overall picture of the company’s situation relevant to the needs of the stakeholder..


Conclusion Make a recommendation to the stakeholder tailored towards their specific needs. For example, if the report is for a potential shareholder, the recommendation should include a market analysis. If the report is for a potential employee, the recommendation should include specific details of staff relocations, redundancies or changes in the recent past. Assessment Information COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Kaplan Business School pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (‘Act’). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act. Kaplan Business School is a part of Kaplan Inc., a leading global provider of educational services. Kaplan Business School Pty Ltd ABN 86 098 181 947 is a registered higher education provider CRICOS Provider Code 02426B. Include information from commentaries in the company’s annual report or refer to events with wider economic implications such as natural disasters, economic downturns, changes in government policy, inflation, or exchange rate movements. Justify your recommendation by explaining how it will meet the needs of the stakeholder. In your report and recommendation, identify assumptions you have made and limitations, for example, items in the accounts or auditor’s report that you do not completely understand due to their complex technical nature.


The following questions may assist you with your interpretation and with explaining non-financial aspects of the company from the annual report that may be relevant for the external user. Depending on the entity, some of these may not be contained within the report. You may need to use other sources.

 What are the core business area(s) and geographic locations in which the entity operates?·  How have the financial results improved or changed in the specific area?·  Is there evidence from other sources that can verify the trends for the industry?·  What are the entity’s current business strategy or strategies and key points of difference in the target· market? Is there a specific skill-set required of employees?  What is the current and future market potential for the entity? What influence have recent global events· apparently had on the entity? In which specific areas?  Identify strengths of the entity’s management team and how these may benefit the organisation in future· financial years.  What are the remuneration trends from last year to this year for the highest earners?·  Is there a difference in the wages that could be earned in a competitor’s business?·  What is the current management structure and ownership structure?·  Identify strengths of the entity’s management team and how these may benefit the organisation in future· financial years.  What are the remuneration trends from last year to this year for the highest earners?·  Are there other non-wage-related benefits of being an employee at the entity?·

Explain the logic of the EOQ model

Explain the logic of the EOQ model and how to calculate the optimal order quantity

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Explain how a fixed order quantity inventory system operates

• Explain how a fixed order quantity inventory system operates.

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Social Democracy

Format: At least 4 pages and no more than 5 not counting the cover page and reference page, cover page which includes, name, title, date, etc. (None of that information should appear in on the first page of the text), 12 pt. Times New Roman Font, double spaced with 1-inch margins, stapled, and reference page are required. Proofread your paper before it is turned in.


Instructions: For this writing assignment, you must pick a political ideology that most closely resembles your own. The ideology should be either conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, or social democracy. This ideology probably will not be a 100% fit with your own views and that is ok.

1) After you have found the ideology you will define and describe the ideology in your own words.

2) If you do not agree 100% percent with the ideology how do you differ?

3) What in your life has influenced your beliefs? Is it religious, family, core values, etc.?  Tell me some life experiences, what your parents’ beliefs are like, do they vote, do you?  How does your religion, friends, co-workers influence your political beliefs and behaviors?

4) How does this ideology shape your opinion on some issues of our day? This is not a persuasive or argumentative question. I want you to tell me how your opinion is connected with the tenets of the ideology.  You must provide at least 1 issue.  Try not to use any sources for this.  I want to see how you can apply an ideology to issues. Topics cannot be abortion, legalization of drugs, death penalty, or gay rights.

5) Is your ideology reflected in the two major political parties in the United States? Describe how. 

Do not use Wikipedia or other low-quality sources.  Sites like EHow,, and are not college level sources.

Remember, do not plagiarize.

Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Medical Use

Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Medical Use
The Legalization of Marijuana, 2016
From Opposing Viewpoints in Context
"Marijuana has been used throughout the world for thousands of years, and its
medicinal benefits are incontrovertible."
In the following viewpoint, the Drug Policy Alliance argues that marijuana is safe and effective
as a medicine for the treatment of many illnesses. The alliance reports that because of this
and the change in public opinion, about half the states now allow the use of medical
marijuana. The author claims that the federal government should not interfere with the states
and should do more to support research about medical marijuana. The Drug Policy Alliance is
a national advocacy leader of drug law reform that is grounded in science, compassion,
health, and human rights.
As you read, consider the following questions:
1. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, what two states most recently adopted laws to
legalize the use of medical marijuana?
2. What are at least two of the medical conditions that the author claims can be effectively
treated by use of medical marijuana?
3. In what way has the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and National Institute on Drug
Abuse (NIDA) created a catch-22, according to the author?

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Leaders: Are They Born or Made?

Create a 3-4 to -slide PowerPoint® presentation justifying the team's conclusion(s) about how leaders are made and not born

  • Apply leadership theory to the team's position.

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Essay About Modern Art

Select a work of art that from the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art. Acquaint yourself with the galleries that contain art from the 19th century. This could involve painting, sculpture, photography or drawing, relating to the periods of Romanticism, Realism or Impressionism. Write a 4-page paper, blus a bibliography(with 4 reference sources).


Discuss this work first from a formal perspective. This involves careful visual analysis of the object and its physical qualities. STANDING IN THE FRONT OF THE CHOSEN ARTWORK, analyze the artist's techniques and the process of making the object, as well as compositional strategies, surface qualities, style, and any other physical properties you can observe. Make notes on the spot.


In addition, you should consider the subject matter and the content of the work you are writing about. What narratives are at work? What moment is being portrayed? What other kinds of information circulate in the art? Is the work breaking new ground, either formally or discursively? Somewhere is the text of your paper you should also say why you were attracted to the artwork you chose for research.


Next, you should do some research to learn further about the artwork and the artist. BE A DETECTIVE. When was this work produced in their career — early?mid?late? How does this work relate to their overall body of work? Did the artist work inside the academy, or in opposition to tit? Does this work quote or make reference to another artwork? All of your research should be footnoted.

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Topic 4: Influence of Gender and Sexual Orientation Interview Sheet

Find an individual with a gender different than your own in a career that interests you. In a brief interview find the answers to the questions listed below. Include proper in-text citations as well as a reference note below as appropriate. Please note that for personal communications, you will only need to include an in-text citation and not a reference note.

Note: American Psychological Association (APA) ethical guidelines indicate that interviewees have the right to refuse to answer any question posed to them by an interviewer. Please ensure that your interviewees are aware of this, and do not force them to answer where the opportunity to reply has been refused.

1. What got you interested in your current career?


2. How did your gender influence your career choice?


3. Did you have any same gender models or mentors that encouraged your career development? If not, was this problematic?


4. Did you notice any barriers in your education, employment, or advancement based on your gender?


5. Which gender appears to have an easier time getting into and establishing a career in this area?


6. Which gender most often holds the positions of power / influence / authority within this field? How does this compare to the male / female ratio?


7. Have there been any changes that have impacted the employment of ills / females within the career?


8. How does sexual orientation impact a career in this field?


9. Have you observed any overt or covert discrimination based on gender / sexual orientation? Is it a common or rare occurrence?


10. With regard to gender / sexual orientation, what is the one thing you would like to change within the field?




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Leadership and Strategy

Purpose of Assignment 
The purpose of this assignment is to increase learners' comprehension of leadership styles and the effect of the styles in organizational environments. 
Assignment Steps                 
Resources: Management: A Practical Introduction; Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Create a 1,400 word analysis addressing the following: Identify one theory that appeals to you the most from the leadership discussed in your team and in the text. Research two local companies in New Jersey: one in which the leadership seems to exemplify this leadership theory, and one that seems to be in direct contrast. Analyze how each leadership style might affect the respective company's performance and alignment to values.1,400 word analysis addressing the following:

Discuss which leadership style you are most aligned to.
Discuss how you would practice this leadership style in your current work environment. If you are not currently employed, discuss how you would practice this style of leadership in the future job you might like to hold. 
Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 

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Setting Up Your Research

Setting Up Your Research

Respond to the following exercises from Chapter One of The Literature Review in 150 to 200 words each. For the Additional Question, record the research and null hypotheses for your project.

  • Exercise 1.1: Discovering the Subject of Your Interest or Issue of Inquiry
  • Exercise 1.2: Understanding the Personal Viewpoint
  • Exercise 1.3: Selecting the Focus of Your Study
  • Exercise 1.5: Developing Your Interest Statement

Additional Question: What are your research and null hypotheses?

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