Thesis/Dissertation RevisionThesis/Dissertation Revision

I have a thesis/dissertation paper for my project. Masters level. The project title is  Dual Axis Sun Tracking Panel charging 12v rechargeable battery to power 230v motor while withstanding high wind and heavy snow loads. 

I want my thesis revised as per my professors instructions. It needs to have zero paraphrasing evidence from the attached document names solar report.

I will attach the design documents and the report itself plus other related documents. I want this done in 12 hours. Strictly 12 hours. 

Professors intructions

Please check attached Comparison 2 file. The provided paper is a good paraphrase of  file Solar_MQP_Report.pdf(  Even graphical content was used. I have already has an issue with similarity of our work and his attachments.  Write an original work. So, for obvious reasons i cannot accept this thesis/dissertation. 

2. Word count for the dissertation is 15125, currently it's only 8890 words.

3. The paper also should have 15 references, currently there's only 5.

4. The format of the paper is far from perfect, it should be formatted according to APA standards including reference page, in-text citations, and text in general. 

5. All tables and figures should be numbered, have a name, and source. In addition, the dissertation should have automatic list of tables and figures.

6. The grammar needs thoughtful proofreading. Do not use the same word or word combination in one sentence or two sentences in a row. 


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