Tutorial questions
Week 1. Outline the economic, social, political, and global contexts in which human resource management operates.
Week 2. Quiz
Week 3. Develop a job description for the job of being a university student. Determine three KPI’s that could be used to measure the job outcomes.
Week 4. Your business requires a new sales representative. Create a plan for recruiting, selecting, interviewing and deciding on a sales representative.
Week 5. Outline an induction program for a new graduate in accounting in a top accounting firm.
Week 6. Group presentations
Week 7. Explain four methods for assessing performance. Explain the four principles of the EAP. Explain the disciplinary model. Explain the most common disciplinary issues.
Week 8. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of workplace conflict, and the methods for resolving workplace conflict.
Week 9. Formulate an optimal total reward management for:
i. A small café in the city; or
ii. A large publically listed company.
Week 10. Explain three workplace OH&S issues, noting their cause, effects, and how to prevent them.

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