Discussion Assignment -Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation 


Your readings in this unit focused on leadership skills and practices which help to build innovative organizational cultures. As you begin to learn about these concepts, share your initial understanding of how a leader's skills and practices shape culture in organizations. Give an example of a leader who was successful at shaping innovative culture either from your readings own experiences. Be sure to support your posting with your readings. (250+ word response)


 Response Guidelines


 Post a substantive reply to at least two other learners who took a different approach from yours. Compare and contrast, or engage in a respectful debate. As you review your colleagues' posts, be sure to reconnect your thoughts to the discussion topic and assigned readings. Your replies should demonstrate clear links between the discussion topic, readings, and the content in the posts. (Not required a 250+ word response) See Student 1 and 2 attachment to compare and constrast.



  • • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.  
  • • APA Style and Format.
  •  • Building a High Performance Business Culture.
  •  • Is it Only Good? The Dark Side of Leadership for Creativity and Innovation. 
  • • The Innovator's DNA: Five "Discovery Skills" Separate True Innovators from the Rest of Us. 
  • • The Leadership Gap: What You Need, and Don't Have, When It Comes to Leadership Talent

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