List four advantages of mediation as compared with litigation

1. List four advantages of mediation as compared with litigation.

2. "Front-end" and "back-end" issues are those specific to arbitration law, affecting when the court system will become involved with an arbitration proceeding. Identify and list four "back-end" issues.

3. Arbitration consists of eight basic steps. List each step in the order in which they should be accomplished.

4. Your client is aware of the different stages of the mediation process. She is mostly confused about the debriefing and referral stage. In at least 250 words, explain the debriefing and referral stage to your client.   

5. During a mediation hearing, the mediator commented that the disputants were free to adopt this notion of fairness but were not required to do so. The mediator also mentioned the concept of the BATNA to the disputants. The mediator asked you to describe BATNA to the disputants in layman's terms. Your response must be a minimum of 250 words. 

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