Natural Disaster, Wild Fire

ENGLISH 1301 GROUP FINAL ASSIGNMENT �THINK TANK� Your Group Assignment is as follows: *You have been contracted by a private party to work as a think- tank whose mission is to fund and help in eradicating National and/or Global problems (i.e. Deforestation, Pollution, World Hunger, Sustainability, Alternative Energy/Transportation Sources, World Debt, Education, Disease, Nation-Building, Tsunami Relief, Human Trafficking, etc.) Your group may choose a number of issues or simply one to address. *Each group should consist of a crackpot computer genius, an interpreter, a research specialist, presentation coordinator and a group dynamics liaison. International corporate and private sponsors have generously donated 500 billion dollars in cash and stock to help you in your task to complete this mission. This is what you must do. –    Target a number of national and/or global issues that your group has agreed on and allocate the necessary funds toward these issues. – Create a 7-10 Pod Prezi proposal which will include statistics, charts, maps, budget, overheads and your objectives and how you will reach them. –    Included in your Prezi proposal will be a one page summary translated into another language�. of your choice. FORMAT: –    Table of Contents – Abstract –    Issues –    Objectives –    Allocation of Funds –    Summary – Translation –    Misc. [Giveaways, Visual Aids, etc.] – Reference page [URLs -Research will be needed to decide where to allocate funds] –    1 minute PSA [Public Service Announcement] posted to Youtube imbedded in presentation discussing your Mission Statement Helpful Links:

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