HN330 DBP:


HN330 DBP:

Create an electronic client contact notes to document a case management meeting with Bo. Use the Client Contact Note Template to complete this Discussion Assignment. Using the information that you have about Bo and the ISP you completed in Unit 7, imagine you have just met with him and worked with him on one or more of his goal areas. Keep in mind that Bo’s mom, Tammy will also be present. Make sure that you document that. Document this meeting by completing the Client Contact Note template.


When you are finished, post a response to the following questions, and include your completed Client Contact Note as an attachment to your post:


1. Describe what you found to be the most difficult part of completing this contact note and why it was challenging for you.

2. Why is it ethically important to avoid judgments and to clearly distinguish between facts and impressions in client contact notes?

3. When classmates review your sample contact note, what would you most like them to provide feedback about? For example, is there a section of the note you would like their help on or would you like to know how the tone of your writing came across when they read it, or anything else you are interested in? The more specific your request, the more chance you will get the feedback you are looking for.

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