Assessment task 3 Report and Poster

Assessment task 3 Report and Poster 40% (20 + 20)
With members of your group (max 3 students), you will undertake an analysis of a service business that uses different techniques to manage service quality and demand. You can examine an organization from the following categories: a budget airline, Optical services, nail salon, coffee shop, or premium hairdresser. You will examine and critique the organisation’s service blueprint, servicescape strategy, service quality, complaint process and service recovery, managing supply and demand, and integrated marketing communications. The purpose of the group is to provide the resources to collect the data necessary in the time frame and to provide a discussion forum of the data collected. Each student will prepare an individual written report. The group will prepare a Poster (max size 510mmX635mm). The Poster will be used in a group Poster Presentation in class on the nominated date.

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