Design report.

Design report.
Belt drive system and guard design
1. Final design report can not be hand-written and must be typed. Untidy reports
(subject to the marker) will not be accessed. The design report should include
appropriate headings (eg Introduction, Design calculations, Discussion). Please see
the example of an excellent design report in ILEARN. 2. You are limited to 7 one-sided pages for your final design report including the manufacturing drawings. Only the first 7 pages of the report will be marked. 5. A proper cover sheet should be used for the reports. Reports not in pdf format will not be marked. 6. References must be provided whenever excellent design reports in ILEARN.

The belt drive is required to transmit power and achieve a speed reduction ratio of
3.2: 1. The input power to the belt system is 6 kW and the belt drive is known to be
subjected to light shock load. The motor that supplies power to the belt drive has normal torque characteristics and is running at 800rpm. The minimum center distance between the belt drive must be greater than 500 mm but less than 1000 mm. The belt system is to be used on a 700mm x 700mm square table top. (i) Design a suitable belt drive system suitable for the application stating clearly the size of pulleys, number of belts and belt type. ii) Design (and analyze) the mechanisms to attach the pulleys to rotating shafts andlight shock load. The motor that supplies power to the belt drive has

suggest appropriate material for them. Provide detailed calculation and explanation
for your design.
iii) Present a detailed manufacturing drawing of your driven pulley.
iv) Design an appropriate guard for the belt drive system you have designed. Explain
the design features of the guard in your design report and ensure that the design
features are also communicated clearly in the manufacturing drawing

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