Write a python program to implement the bank operations

Question 2 – 10 Marks
Write a python program to implement the bank operations. The following operations must be considered:
1. Deposit the money
2. Withdraw the money
3. Display the balance
4. Exit
The above program must be implemented using OOPS concepts GUI. The more you are creative and user-friendly you will be awarded bonus marks. But, you will not be penalised for not being user-friendly.
Hint : You can build on the source code from Week 9 tutorial.
Question 3 — 5 Marks
Write a Python program to sort a list of elements using the bubble sort algd-rithm
Question 4-Open ended question -10 Marks
Write a GUI-based application or a game of your choice. The game or application can be of your choice and it can be anything based on what you have studied in the class. The marks will be awarded based on the topic/game selected, creativity, how GUI is build, logic, application of the OOPS concepts, and simplicity of the code.
Note You cannot build Bank application.
You cannot use any other module/packages/concepts that have not been discussed in the class. If you use it, you will be marked zero for this
Submission :
–dnnt-npnt should be submitted as 4 single python files that is ready for sexaction.

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