Family History Essay

An essay talk about one part of my family's history . I am 21 years old. And my parents are about 50 years old. I and my family are from China. In that time, the China was win from sino -Japanese war and Communist victory war about 20 years. And in the 1968 is the began of the Great Cultural Revolution,  in the 1976 is end of the revolution.9/9/1976 , the paramount leader Mao Zedong was pass away. In the 1978, the resumption of university entrance examination. In  the 1980, China's family-planning policies was start.In 1989 , June 4 event  outburst. In 1997, return of Hong Kong to China. And so on. Need combine with the history's events and my parent experience. Need about 1000 words.

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