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Please have a read through the context provided below and answer the question with relevant references.

Context – Basic research, sometimes referred to as Pure, is the normative process of expanding knowledge and looking into the unknown but without necessarily being specific in solving a particular problem. It is more often than not conducted at some form of academic level within academic institutions.

Business and management research is an Applied research and more directional and specific in problem solving. This emphasis is practical in its approach to research for the purpose of finding an applicable solution and encompasses managerial requirements for information as the primary source for defining a business problem. Invariably this is also required within specific timescales whereas basic research is rarely under time limitations.

The discussion of research ideas and even methodology with colleagues and peers can provide valuable feedback and ‘allows a diversity of opinions to be brought to the table, theoretically removing any personal biases and pre-set ideas from the equation.’ (Shuttleworth 2009).

Essentially it will:

Will give an indication of the effectiveness of the intended communication and flow of thought processes.
Allows a comparison of other people’s perspectives on issues addressed and the methodology used in addressing them.
Feedback will either confirm or refute your observations indicating that the research path is correct or needs adjustment.
Vagueness causes confusion and feedback will indicate if there is confusion or not and whether more accuracy and definition is required.
Feedback allows you to determine if your ideas are comprehensive enough in taking the understanding of the research to the right level and if not, to then expound upon them.
Importantly it can provide the confidence in your ideas and methodology encouraging you to move forward with the research.

As Basic research leans towards the academic, does anyone think that universities and academic institutions are addressing this as graduates are now more research oriented and require more Applied research scenarios in the business environment?

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