Critical- Review 1

Critical Review No. 1 (ProfessorвЂTMs Choice: Milk, 2008; Directed by Gus Van Sant)

I have attached good sample which is got 50/50 sample paper is what I am looking for and do not copy

and I also attached 25/50 comment from teacher how he grade it please be careful with it

I need 5 parts for each critical review.(please see attachment)

***Please make 4 paragraph for each Critical Review 1 MLA work cite.(please see attachment)

1 page

important!!!!point!!! must have:
Must have work cited
1. Only One single sentence on thesis
changing power of oneвЂTMs political sensibilities 
yes or no
2. Time
3. The start and end times of the scenes
sample :
(Milk 0:2:05 – 0:3:30)
4. Should be connected with 1, the thesis statement should be () in this

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