Realistic Trend and the Naturalistic Trend

• Use ONLY the material posted on ENG 252 Content /  Unit I /Background Study Notes / Realistic Trend and the Naturalistic Trend / Realism ONLY  

• Use correct. standard English.

• Submit a minimum of 75 words written in sentences in paragraph form with no listing to identify American Realism only. Give the ten characteristics of Realism only. Use no outside sources. (Do not discuss American Naturalism in this assignment.)

The skill you are using is to take information in one format (list) and to present it in another format (sentences to form a paragraph). 

There are ten characteristics of Realism. That is the assignment. Take the characteristics of Realism in the list and present them in a paragraph in sentences.

  1. Pragmatic (means practical) 2. Believer in democracy using common, average, everyday materials  3. Middle class   4. Here and now, the immediate 5. Against the sentimentality of romantic fiction of early 1800s  6. Simple, clear prose  7. Objective author  8. Explores psychology of characters and stresses characterization 9. Presents common actions, surface details, minor catastrophes of middle-class life 10. Local color and regionalism 



Discussion 2 requires no references and must be put in your own words it is an opinion question

 America's involvement in the Great War has been frequently debated. Should America have entered the war sooner to help its allies? Should America have avoided the conflict all together? Some say the sale of American goods to the allied nations prolonged the war, others say that American supplies were the only life-line available to the desperate Allied Powers. What do you think? 



Discussion 3

respond to this student post leigh


I think America should have joined the war sooner. Their were many lives lost and the war was more than likely prolonged due to Americas early involvement. America was pretty much a super power during this time in history. I think American supplies made a positive difference in helping to end the war and supplying a win for the good side. Over all America should have joined the war sooner because their influence could have made difference in the amount of lives lost.

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